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Our specialised camera dolly systems are designed to fit in places where few cranes, large dollies or handheld cameras could be placed without intruding on the integrity and impact of your live visuals. Our camera systems can be utilised upright, underslung from flying track, over short and very long track distances, wireless or cabled, indoor, outdoor, telescopic, automated, you name it, our rail cams will cover it! Vis-A-Vis Video will make your audience feel like they have the best seat in the house no matter what their location in the venue.  

Of course, we also offer support and technical service for all our products, be that technical support over the phone or on site engineer visits.


A Complete Remote Rail Cam Solution for Your Every Need



Small and precise, the B10 is the smallest dolly and track system we offer. On a straight or curved track with wireless links and pan and tilt head this will gain dynamic shots around any instrument raiser.


With the ability to run up to four camera rail from one operating station the B20 is a small dolly which can carry one of our Q Ball or PTZ cameras. This can be team with our track lift system to gain multi-level views.


Our B60 camera dolly is the largest we offer and allows you to mount a full size cine camera with on a stabilised head offering you the smoothest shot possible. This can be mounted straight to the dolly to get the low down shots or alternatively pair with on of our towers ranging from one meter to three and a half meters to give your director another dynamic axis.

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